Fleet Rules

If you feel that someone has broken the rules or you have a problem with another fleet members please contact one of the Admirals found on the Ranks page.

Section 1: Conduct


  1. Avoid discussion about political beliefs, sexual orientation, racism, and other sensitive topics.
  2. Any action that goes against the Star Trek Online Terms of Use also goes against the STO Academy rules.
  3. When interacting with anyone inside or outside of the fleet, be kind, helpful, and respectful. Your actions reflect the entire fleet.
  4. All opinions are and must be respected; however anyone participating in excessive negativity such as daily game-bashing, complaining, trolling, etc. will be asked to stop.


Section 2: Team Missions


  1. The team creator is in command unless otherwise stated. Only this person can direct the mission. Other members may offer strategy suggestions.
  2. The highest ranked member (based on fleet rank) can take command only if the mission is clearly in danger of failure and this member believes they can turn it around. No other circumstance warrants any member from taking command.


Section 3 : Fleet Bank

  1. The fleet bank is not to be used for personal storage. Anything put in here belongs to the entire fleet.
  2. No one is allowed to take items out of the bank for the purpose of selling them for profit.
  3. Each bank tab has specific rules listed in the table below. Please follow those rules exactly.

IMPORTANT TIP: You can break a stack of items by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard then drag and drop to your inventory.

Bank Tab Rules Daily Withdraw Limits
Captain Fleet Captain Commodore Fleet Commodore
Weapons Very Rare (purple) or higher, Mk II or higher space & ground weapons. 1 2 3 5
Training Manuals Uncommon (green) or higher training manuals. No bridge officers.
Superior Upgrades Superior Upgrades only. 1 2
Prizes For Admiral use only to store prizes for giveaways. 0

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