Fleet Holdings

Starbase Asgardia

Classification: Federation Starbase
Location: Aldebaran Sector, Beta Quadrant

Built during the early days of STOA's inception, Starbase Asgardia, and it’s KDF sister station tengchaH Kortar, acted as a staging ground for diplomatic talks with the Klingon Empire as well as a secondary line of defense should Deep Space K-7 fall during an unforeseen Klingon invasion. Today it acts as the headquarters for STOA's Federation members.

tengchaH Kortar

Classification: KDF Starbase
Location: Archanis Sector, Beta Quadrant

Built during the early days of STOA's inception, tengchaH Kortar, and its Federation sister station Starbase Asgardia, acted as a staging ground for diplomatic talks with the Federation as well as a potential staging ground for an invasion should peace talks fail. Today it acts as the headquarters for STOA's KDF members.

Ambassador Spock Memorial Embassy

Classification: New Romulus Embassy
Location: New Romulus, Azure Sector, Beta Quadrant

Admiral Hastler recommended the construction of an Embassy on New Romulus to better improve the Federation and Klingon’s relationship with the Romulan people. After construction an office was designated for STOA to use during their assignments on the planet. Since it's construction, the embassy has been used for various meetings including negotiations during the early days of the Alliance.

Hephaestus Mining Station

Classification: Dilithium Mine
Location: Bajor Sector, Alpha Quadrant

An asteroid field around an uninhabited planet near Deep Space 9 contained high deposits of dilithium. The Federation and Klingon Empire jointly developed various mining operations on the larger of these asteroids. STOA was tasked with managing and defending one of these, the Hephaestus Mining Station.

Alliance Base Solanae-8

Classification: Solanae Dyson Sphere Spire
Location: Solanae Dyson Sphere, Delta Quadrant

After the discovery of the Solanae Dyson Sphere the Alliance took control of several spires to gain footholds in the sphere for their battle against the Voth and Undine. STOA was granted a section of one of the stations, dubbed Alliance Base Solanae-8, to coordinate their missions within the Sphere.

Research Station Antaak

Classification: Krenim Research Lab
Location: Alsuran Sector, Delta Quadrant

After the Iconian War ended Fleet Admiral Varrak requisitioned a station in the Delta Quadrant modeled after the Krenim's Kyana Research Station in order to have additional research done for the Alliance to collectively improve their technology. Along with conducting research it also acts as a foothold in the Delta Quadrant for STOA.

Frontier Outpost

Classification: Deep Space K-13
Location: Draconis Sector, Alpha Quadrant

After the re-emergence of Deep Space K-13 the Federation provided aid to the crew members who found themselves lost and disoriented in a new era. STOA was one of the fleets sent to help rebuild and protect the station. Being on the outskirts of Federation space, K-13 was nicknamed Frontier Outpost by STOA’s Admiralty.

Hawking Colony

Classification: Lukari-Kentari Colony
Location: Dranuur, Antos Sector, Alpha Quadrant

STOA provided assistance during the founding and construction of the Lukari-Kentari Colony on Dranuur. During construction they dubbed it Hawking Colony after one of Earth’s greatest minds, Stephen Hawking. Once construction was complete STOA assigned a rotating contingency of officers to protect the colony against invasion.

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