Fleet Holdings

STO Academy
Starbase Starbase Asgardia
Research Lab Research Station Kepler
Embassy Rebirth Hall
Spire Alliance Base Solanae-8
Dilithium Mine Hephaestus Mining Station
K-13 El Dorado Outpost
Colony Hawking Colony
STO Academy Legion
Starbase tengchaH qo'Sor
Research Lab Research Station Antaak
Embassy Dahar Master Kor Honorary Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Tokubei
Dilithium Mine Kri'stak Mining Station
K-13 Luj Veng Outpost
Colony Chu'chal
STO Academy Militia
Starbase Starbase Achilles
Research Lab Research Station Bernoulli
Embassy Ambassador Spock Memorial Hall
Spire Alliance Base Cabot
Dilithium Mine Regin Mining Station
K-13 Frontier Outpost
Colony Colonia Resconcilia
STO Academy Brotherhood
Starbase tengchaH Kortar
Research Lab Research Station Gorkon
Embassy Temer's Batlh Hall
Spire Alliance Base K'Trelan
Dilithium Mine Lusor Mining Station
K-13 Hamar Outpost
Colony nuch HeD
STO Academy Omega
Starbase Starbase Atlantis
Research Lab Research Station Vostok
Embassy Vorta Vor Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Perry
Dilithium Mine Lugoves Mining Station
K-13 Equinox Outpost
Colony New Eohk
STO Academy Honor Guard
Starbase tengchaH Lukara
Research Lab Research Station Mur'Eq
Embassy Jup chu' Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Gatan
Dilithium Mine Skral Mining Station
K-13 Morska Outpost
Colony Lukara
STO Academy Infinity
Starbase Starbase Apollo
Research Lab Research Station Faraday
Embassy Constellation Center
Spire Alliance Base Shackleton
Dilithium Mine Demeter Mining Station
K-13 Aztlan Outpost
Colony Londinium
STO Academy Raptors
Starbase tengchaH Qam-Chee
Research Lab Research Station Sompek
Embassy Alth'Indor Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Reclaw
Dilithium Mine Daikitsu Mining Station
K-13 Quin'lat Outpost
Colony Praxis II

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