Fleet Holdings

STO Academy
Starbase Starbase Asgardia
Research Lab Research Station Kepler
Embassy Rebirth Hall
Spire Alliance Base Solanae-8
Dilithium Mine Hephaestus Mining Station
K-13 El Dorado Outpost
STO Academy Legion
Starbase tengchaH qo'Sor
Research Lab Research Station Antaak
Embassy Dahar Master Kor Honorary Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Tokubei
Dilithium Mine Kri'stak Mining Station
K-13 Luj Veng Outpost
STO Academy Militia
Starbase Starbase Achilles
Research Lab Research Station Bernoulli
Embassy Ambassador Spock Memorial Hall
Spire Alliance Base Cabot
Dilithium Mine Regin Mining Station
K-13 Frontier Outpost
STO Academy Brotherhood
Starbase tengchaH Kortar
Research Lab Research Station Gorkon
Embassy Temer's Batlh Hall
Spire Alliance Base K'Trelan
Dilithium Mine Lusor Mining Station
K-13 Hamar Outpost
STO Academy Omega
Starbase Starbase Atlantis
Research Lab Research Station Vostok
Embassy Vorta Vor Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Perry
Dilithium Mine Lugoves Mining Station
K-13 Equinox Outpost
STO Academy Honor Guard
Starbase tengchaH Lukara
Research Lab Research Station Mur'Eq
Embassy Jup chu' Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Gatan
Dilithium Mine Skral Mining Station
K-13 Morska Outpost
STO Academy Infinity
Starbase Starbase Apollo
Research Lab Research Station Faraday
Embassy Constellation Center
Spire Alliance Base Shackleton
Dilithium Mine Demeter Mining Station
K-13 Aztlan Outpost
STO Academy Raptors
Starbase tengchaH Qam-Chee
Research Lab Research Station Sompek
Embassy Alth'Indor Embassy
Spire Alliance Base Reclaw
Dilithium Mine Daikitsu Mining Station
K-13 Quin'lat Outpost

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