Recurring Fleet Events & Holidays

New Years Celebration Second Saturday of January Ring in the New Year's - Star Trek style! Join the fleet as we dance, laugh, and maybe even kick some... you know
Star Trek Online Anniversary February 2nd The official anniversary of Star Trek Online when the game was released in 2010.
STO Academy Anniversary February 22nd Keep an eye on Weekly Fleet News in the game to see when we celebrate our anniversary!
Klingon Glory Week March 23 - March 29 Join us in a week long celebration of the Klingon people! We will play through Klingon stories and missions, and drink blood wine to remember the glorious battles our people have faced. March 23, 1967 was the first appearance of the Klingons in "Errand of Mercy".
First Contact Day April 5 On April 5th, 2063 Vulcans made first contact with Humans after Zefram Cochrane made the first warp 1 flight of the Phoenix.
Klingon Kot'baval Festival July 17 Join the STOA Legion to honor the defeat of Molor by Kahless the Unforgettable!
Costume Party Third Saturday in October Go to the tailor, create a costume, and join the fleet in some fun and games!
Bajoran Gratitude Festival November 14 Peldor joi! Come to Bajor and celebrate the Gratitude Festival, also known as the Peldor Festival, with the rest of the fleet!
Klingon Honor Feast Third Saturday in November Join us on the Legion Starbase for a grand feast! Together we shall give thanks and honor to the great warriors who have come before us! We will drink blood wine, tell tales by the fire, and reenact glorious battles!
Romulan Honor Week December 15 to December 22 Join in a week long celebration of the Romulan people! We will play through Romulan stories and missions, and have parties to honor our Romulan ancestors. December 15th 1966 was the first appearance of the Romulans in "Balance of Terror".

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