Welcome to the STO Academy Armada!

The STO Academy is one of the largest and most popular fleets in Star Trek Online. With hundreds of players in our ranks you're guaranteed to learn about the game, make new friends, and have a great time. Promotions within the fleet are based on Fleet Commendations. There's a wide variety of them so you can earn a promotion however you want. Learn more on the ranks page.

We're made up of eight fleets, four Federation and four Klingon. In addition, other fleets throughout Star Trek Online have joined our Armada. Together we're growing stronger and becoming better.

If you would like to join, keep scrolling down to the recruitment form. Everyone is welcome in our fleet so don't be shy!

Join Our Armada

If you are the owner of a fleet and are looking for an Armada please contact [email protected]. We have an Armada in both the Federation and Klingon Empire factions with Gamma slots available. These slots provided the largest bonus in Dilithium to fleet members.

Join the STO Academy Fleet

  1. To request an invite fill out the form below. Please give us 36 hours to send the invite.
  2. Make sure you leave any fleet you are currently a part of so that we can send the invite.
  3. After you join we'll send you a welcome message with important information, and an invite to our private chat channel.
  4. After you receive the welcome message, look over the Captain's Checklist to make sure you have everything you need.
Everyone is welcome to join the STO Academy, but please be aware that we are an English speaking fleet. Hopefully one day universal translators will be a reality and language barriers can be broken.
Thanks! An invite will be sent to you within 36 hours. Make sure you review the Captain's Checklist.
Both fields are required. Please make sure you provide your character name and account handle in the format [email protected] Email addresses are not accepted.

Be advised that some handles may have a number automatically added to the end of it. Please double check your handle in game before submitting this form. Where can I find my [email protected]?

The STO Academy Fleets

STO Academy
Faction: Federation
STO Academy Legion
Faction: Klingon Empire
STO Academy Militia
Faction: Federation
STO Academy Brotherhood
Faction: Klingon Empire
STO Academy Omega
Faction: Federation
STO Academy Honor Guard
Faction: Klingon Empire
STO Academy Infinity
Faction: Federation
STO Academy Raptors
Faction: Klingon Empire
Captain's Check List

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